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Interlocking pavers for residential and commercial walkways are a quick, cost efficient and stylish choice to use for your property. Interlocking pavers for walkways are one of the most requested and installed products that we carry, known for their expensive appearance yet inexpensive cost.

Interlocking pavers are made from a mix of aggregate and cement that go through various pressure sequences that result in a very durable block of concrete that also allows for the flexibility to be formed in to different shapes and sizes. The installation process is what makes these interlocking pavers such a good investment. Our experienced contractors at Halton Hills, Ontario Patios & Construction will come to your property for an initial consultation and discuss where you would like to install a walkway and what you would like the walkway to look like.

Interlocking pavers comes in many different shapes, sizes, colors, designs, and textures and we are happy to go over samples and examples to better help you make an informed decision. You can achieve the look of a brick walkway, a natural stone walkway, and many other styles, easily with interlocking pavers.


Benefits of Interclocking Stone / Flagstone

The stones and flagstone used in interlocking projects are often manufactured locally to facilitate each unique project. Interlocking stone and flagstone projects offer the possibility of a quick turnaround while maintaining quality of work. When weather can be a huge delay in construction projects, the ability to promise quick installation is a huge bonus to our customers.


Not only does it come in a wide variety of colours and textures, but it can be installed using a number of techniques. Contact us for more information on our installation process.

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