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O'Connor Contracting Landscaping Services

Gazebo and Cabanas

These custom structures are used mostly near swimming pools or gardens Most of them can be seen today being used around swimming pools or gardens. There is a variety of gazebos but cabanas and arbors are also part of the variations that we can incorporate and even design to match with a new or old veranda patio or even a fence. Le etching is carried out mostly at the site where every structure is developed and built to meet the specific circumstances of each site.

Water Features

Your backyard is not only a few yards of property that is located at the rear of your house. It’s a place where people and their families can find comfort, rest, and a refuge to spend time together. For the spiritual person it is a place to go and unwind, even go and flex your muscles on the yoga moves.

Pools / Ponds and Waterfalls

Transform your backyard into an attractive wonder land and a unique delightful area that will cause a stir in your neighborhood. We undertake complete job of providing backyard right from the pool and the surrounding features. We employ high standard design to deliver the most suitable elegance on pool shapes, patios and coming up with walls among other services.

Interlock / Flagstone

Stone paving onto your property and its value will increase and it will also provide an elegant angle to the look and feeling of your home. We ensure our investment is with the best quality to meet your expectations and make your outside place perfect for years. This is the best chance to look through the list of out projects Use it to get an idea of how we work.

Retaining Walls

Here are 7 tips that might help you if you are like many who consider their garden as more than just an accumulation of flora. It helps those who feel lost, gives a chance to tired souls, and is beautiful. Of course, it is crucial to provide it with the best possible care, given the fact that it constitutes an extension of the body.


Many homeowners may need outdoor projects that encompass different features such as steps and retaining walls, or installation of pools among others, and this is why our team will be happy to design and construct quality projects for you. O’Connor Contracting was established in 2003 with the primary focus on providing of painting and maintenance services.

Amour Stone

O’Connor Contracting is a specialized armour stone installer, which means that it not only supplies and installs armour stones but also ensures to obtain the most suitable stone materials for a client’s projects.

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