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Basement Remodeling

It is worth to note that basement remodeling services are among the specialty services offered here at O’Connor Contracting. Whether it be for utilizing the full area of a new generation basement apartment, creating a stylish and unique storage area or a grand entertaining facility, O’Connor Contracting has the equipment to execute the job.

Bathroom Remodeling

Bathrooms have evolved from just being necessities in each home overlooking only the basic purposes they were supposed to serve. Welcome readers to another inspiring article as we share an array of tips on how to make your new bathroom stand out. A beautiful home, its unique location for the native to find solace from the noisy and busy world outside.


Custom carpentry services available at O’Connor Contracting include commercial or residential construction and renovation projects. In remodeling to designing and even in new construction at O’ Connor Contracting, we are dedicated to providing a quality carpentry work.

Construction Contractor

Is it a matter of new construction, upgrading or extending your home, or maybe just a couple of modifications and fixes? Have you considered the need to boost the value of your property while at the same time ensuring the changes made will be a lasting investment? So, the next time you are stumped by a complicated construction crisis, remember – O’Connor Contracting has you covered.

Deck Construction

There are several advantages that can be upon the installation of a custom deck and boost property value. If you work for a company and you’d like to have an open space where your employees can take a break, or if you reside in a house and desire a deck outside your home, O’Connorc Contracting will be of help to offer a hand in the completion of any commercial or residential work. In the event that you would like for some top quality deck construction, then its possible to count on our proficient common contractors.

General Contractor

They cannot be compared to average contractors and therefore the perfect team for handling your construction and remodeling needs. Over the years, our specialists have been developing concepts and working out layouts and plans for construction sites, ordering materials, logistics, and staffing the most qualified personnel.

Home Additions

For people eager on hosting parties and get-togethers, having an addition installed in the home means getting more room in which to accommodate everyone. Still on this, however, a good quality improvement done well, optimized and integrated into a building can afford immense value to that home in the long run. Whether it’s a sun room, a kitchen addition or any other kind of home addition you want done to your house, we are the general contractors able to help you with that. Despite having more clients to serve, O’Connor Contracting will do everything possible to get you the return on investment as well as the space you desire.

Home Renovations

Sensitization: we understand the issues involved in the construction of residential spaces, anticipate issues that may arise in future renovations and often proactively deliver the best solutions for clients’ projects. O’Connor Contracting Company was established in 2003 to provide construction services for homes, businesses, churches and institutions.

Kitchen Remodeling

Along with traditional contracting company services, O’Connor Contracting has been assisting homeowners construct their ideal kitchen zones where dreams are paved with new storage techniques for years. The tasks that will be performed will add more value to your Specifically the task that will be done will help enhance the use of your kitchen space as well as improve on the house value. For the ultimate kitchen makeover services for floors, walls, ceilings and everything in between, our local general contractors are able to renovate your thinking about cooking all over again.

Patio Construction

Learn more about the O’Connor Contracting team of patio building contractors who have been creating remarkable patios solutions for several years. In and around terrazzo over restaurant facades, outdoor staff ‘rooms’ protected by wide metal click canopies and even rear yard amenity escapes, O’Connor Contracting has delivered as one. Concerning patio construction, you will have all the reasons to smile as our proficient general contractors are always ready to make your dream come through.

Remodeling Contractor

Renovating a house should be an enjoyable process which may turn into a problem, rather than into an interesting and creative undertaking. O’Connor Contracting offers the services of reputable remodeling contractors and aims at ensuring that our clients have the best experience with remodeling. It is our commitment to always make extra effort just to make sure that we know your needs and your expectations are both achieved. You may be in search of a contractor that focuses on remodeling and our team of general contractors can cater to your needs.

Residential Construction

Why should people buy a home, that lacks some of the qualities that he or she wanted, when one can buy a house that has all the qualities you want, and even more to that, the house will have been constructed to those qualities? O’Connor Contracting is a custom home contractor that provides services with well thought for construction value to match the standard-economic-budget requirements needed. At Remodeling Contractor Company, our team is always on the lookout for our next general contracting residential construction opportunity.

Residential Remodeling

First, our residential remodeling contractors explain to you how the currant home could be modified and how it could be expanded. In every budget, the services we offer to our clients in home remodeling stand out to be rich transformations that give new meanings to homeowner’s homes. Whether it is a new beautiful kitchen, a cozy bathroom or any other part of your home, our best general contractors offer the best residential remodeling services.

Siding Service

When you choose to engage O’Connor Contracting company, you are in a position to receive the best quality solutions you desire – long lasting solutions. Our hired commercial and house siding contractors will ensure the new panels are installed to your expectations in the shortest time possible. When it comes to siding repair, siding maintenance or even general contractors for installation of siding, we are fully prepared to deliver a quality work.

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