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Furnish Carpentry Services Guelph, Caledon, Halton Hills, Erin and other nearby Places.

From custom residential projects to commercial jobs, no project is considered to be big or small by the custom carpentry specialists at O’Connor Contracting.

Whether it is a remodeling project, interior design work or a new build, O’ Connor Contracting are dedicated to delivering fine carpentry works.

We are committed in being a professional and reliable company that provides quality construction services with personal touches ensuring that each customer gets the best out of our services.

Obviously, projects implemented by O’Connor Contracting are fit for purpose and long lived. People of Guelph, Caledon who dream or in search of unique features from shelving systems to home improvement services, they get professional crafting to their expectations with the best workmanship and efficiency. As a company we work hard to offer design and installation services that meet the requirements of the clients and their traffic patterns and usage. Both commercial and medical offices, restaurants, and even halls for storing various types of warehouses have been improved and developed with us. As for precise budget, to what kind of materials are used and deadlines every created project meets.

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Are you trying to choose the siding for your new shed? Refurbishing the stair case that was built a hundred years ago, or getting fancy wooden cabinets fitted into your house? You know what, they say that if you want a perfect job done, you ought to call on a master carpenter. Whether it involves transforming houses or restoring the beauty of heirloom furniture, we use the most advanced equipment and time and expertise in ensuring the best results are achieved in the most efficient way. Nothing short of detail-oriented work, our general contractors execute any carpentry tasks to the latter detail.

As a leading professional carpentry company from Melbourne, Australia, O’Connor Contracting considers it a privilege to be contracted and work towards creating the vision that has been desired by the clients. If you have any concerns, queries or require any further information about the programs and services that we offer, you are welcome to contact us at the following address: Telephone no: 905-782-8924 OR Sell online via a quick, easy and instantly customizable consultation session on the form provided in the website.


Custom Carpentry with O'Connor Contracting

We have a team of master carpenters that is capable of handling any project regardless of size and complexity. We operate in the private houses and in offices; and our goal is to provide every client with not only what he expected but even more.

To direct you to the finest care and outcomes regarding the plan, we still need to gain a more in-depth understanding of your target for the project. During the project initiation or at the very least during the first call, we shall establish the overall aim of the project.

From there we will be able to gather all necessary material and equipment and plan the approximate time to do it and give you an estimate.

Fine Carpentry Services

With much experience in the industry, we at have a team of qualified specialists. Altogether we have worked on a range of projects that also included absolute constructions of homes, and small repairs with modifications of custom homes works and installation of industrial food preparation departments.

And whether you are working on a small project, or a large one, whether it is a Business, Corporate, Commercial, Residential or Industrial Project, our team of professionals aims at giving you the best.

When you choose O'Connor Contracting, you choose carpentry services that are:


Your requirements will be heard and our practices will be done within your vision and your financial capability. This means that we will constantly stay in touch with you from the very first day that you consult with us, to the last day that we are working on the project to ensure we are meeting the goal right.


Whether you want to have general renovation or just need a repair work, our team uses top brands of materials and products. We have the skills and expertise required to handle your work in the best way possible using high standard raw materials and quality certified tools and techniques.


O’Connor Contracting is concerned with each and every customer that chooses to give us their business, that’s why we let you choose our services at competitive rates, but without compromising the quality of the service delivered.

Contact us now our service is more affordable than what you would expect! Contact today for a free consultation, and see how we can help you.

Local Carpentry Services

At O'Connor Contracting, we offer a vast array of carpentry services, including but not limited to:

  • Installing custom cabinetry
  • Crown molding and wall paneling
  • Beautiful staircases
  • Custom shelving and storage solutions
  • Repairing delicate furniture
  • Remodeling throughout the home and business
  • And more!

Quality Materials for Lasting Results

As you may see, our carpentry services are pretty moderate, however, we still know that it’s possible to work with high-class materials. All the wood as well as the other products we use are of the best quality in order to guarantee that everything you get from us is quality work that will stand the test of time.

However, if you are so restricted in terms of money to spare— don’t fret. Let us present to your attention positioned products that are quite affordable and robust.

Do you want to know what materials are used most frequently to make constructions here in practice? Offer us a try now and use our service providers. We’d be glad to ask her some more questions!

Friendly and Reliable Carpenters

What sets us apart from the competition and differentiates our team is the ability to deliver the service at the highest quality and still satisfy the customers’ needs, and keep the prices rather reasonable.

At the inception of the project, our professionals will spare their time to give an ear to your demands, concerns, estimate, timespan, and other conditions that have to be considered when creating your project. We also do not shy away from extending a comfortable invitation to make inquiries and express concerns throughout the project completion process.

We are here for you If there is anything that we could do to maximize your client experience, kindly let us know.

Our Custom Sheds

If you are one of those people who like to spend time maintaining their yard and lawn, if you have children or like outdoor games on your property, you are probably looking for a small shed to store your equipment. Hence, why not seek the services of a Colorado shed builder to construct a shed specifically to your designs? We offer specialized wooden sheds that are strong and yet have attractive aesthetic appeal for your compound. Thanks to us, you can build a perfect place for storing your things as well as adding more value to the room which is your property.

Sheds come in a plethora of varieties and of course, we could design and construct one that suits your taste.

So, are you ready to start a new change and invest in a shed? O’Connor Contracting is ready to go. Feel free to contact us today in order to obtain a quote.

Enhance the Beauty of Your Home with Custom Carpentry

Carpentry is quite popular due to its versatility; Whether it is for beautifying your interior walls through crown molding, constructing stairs, shelves, furniture sets, etc. , carpenters are always up to the task.

Do not allow the size and type of your idea to be a limiting factor, you should always present it to our experts. That is why we are always ready to go: no challenge is too big for us, and no concept is too daring – or too personal – for you to put into practice.

Remodeling Your Home or Business

If you need a full scale remodeling project, then you should hire us. They can also assist you with that, if you have a carpenters for instance or anything like that. Regardless whether one needs a new kitchen, bathroom or a basement for a living space/country home or if a commercial premise needs a new look, we are here to assist.

Contact us to set a meeting at your home and together with our creative team we will discuss your renovation plan.

Please feel free to contact us or seek more information from the organization and we hope to hear from you soon.

Trusted Local Carpentry Contractors

The years of work have helped O’Connor Contracting carve out the reliable and popular name in the field of Carpentry. The advantages of choosing our services and products include our complete willingness to adapt to the client’s needs and expectations of a perfect result, along with our unparalleled approach to customer service.

The highly specialized, utterly professional care and services, the perfectly integrated processes, and the great prices are all within your reach; schedule your consultation today.

Contact us now to schedule a consultation!

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