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Pool Renovation Services

If you are looking for a service provider offering pool renovation services at a reasonable cost follow the link below. Have you simply grown fed up with troubles with the pool, and want to know who to contact for emergency repairs and other needs for pool renovations?

You can hire O’Connor Contracting to get the pool back to its optimal best very quickly. Our pool renovation services are excellent, and that’s why we retain the rank of being one of the leading pool renovation firms in the region.

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Outstanding Pool Renovation Service 

Recall that there is nothing more desirable in swimming pool renovation than hiring only professionals. Not only do we provide you with an affordable service of house inspection but we will also advice you on how to maintain the condition of the building for it serve you for longer time.

You will always find the services and products recommended by us to be within your spending capacity and that you prefer. And to know more about our products, service, and promos, feel free to call us.

Pool Renovations and Installations

Besides normal remodeling, we also engage in the remodeling of stairs, ladders, handrails and installation of several specialty items. In this case we shall go further to try and help you find all the products you need that are appropriate to the installation being offered by the building’s style.

We can also take care of installation of series plumbing and electrical fixtures and they maybe be too old for renovation or you want to add that extra luxurious touch to make your pool environment even more breathtaking.

We’re the Best Choice for Local Pool Renovation

From pool tile renovation to the cleaning services of any type of surface or detail, we are equipped and experienced for any job you might throw our way.

High quality renovations of pools can be best done by us, making us a highly experienced company in this line of business.

With our services, you have no hustle to make but our team of experts to ensure that all your pool needs are met to your satisfaction.

Give us a call at (905) 782-8924 to get your free quote today!

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