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Home Renovations

For any home improvement project big or small, when you need a team that will provide only the best service, O’Connor Contracting is the team to turn to.

Our home renovation contractors are highly qualified and are members of a professional fraternity- board certified in this field of practice. We believe that our company is the number one home renovation company in the local area and we are willing to demonstrate it in your home with the artistic work that we will do to your home and such friendly attitude towards our clients.

For the no obligation consultation, please call now the number 905- 782-8924.

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No-Obligation Home Remodel Consultation

We promise after you contact us we will arrange a meeting time with as little delay as possible. And then, yes, we shall be able to come over with formal sitting and understand the ideas that you, our client, has for your remodel. From a simple kitchen or bathroom remodeling to a total residences makeover, our team is capable of handling any size and scope of work.

We will discuss all the details of the remodeled property and conclusion will be made when each detail will be discussed. From there, we’ll be glad to give an estimate that is Unbeatable and presented frankly. It would help if you could clarify the number of questions and the turn-around time so that you have expectations to meet. You can be assured we have tied many organizations and businesses in the community to ensure you get the biggest break on your remodel as we have been in the business for more than a decade now.

Personalized Home Renovation Design

Whether you are in the need of home renovation for appearance and functionality or you need a complete overhaul of your home with the help of a gut and remodel contractor, our team can help with that: home renovation design. If you are not quite clear on which of your interests are stronger and which type of design you like, make some research to find some desired pieces.

Take to us the ideas that you like and we shall freeze them into your renovation space in a way that adds specialty. Whenever clients engage us, we take time and consult them extensively so that every aspect of the design is realized on paper to the slightest detail so that it can be implemented in your home.

Comprehensive Home Renovation Services

Here at O’Connor Contracting, we provide our customers with a full spectrum of home renovation solutions answering to every need, from the idea to its implementation. That the reasons we are able to do the fully comprehensive works to make you get the fantastic picture. Our full-service home remodeling includes the following:

  • No-obligation consultations
  • Custom home remodel design
  • Kitchen renovation
  • Bathroom renovation
  • Basement renovation
  • and much more!

Beginning with the first paint stroke, our team undertakes the transformation of any room with diligence. If you are interested in having something new: from adding an entirely new cabinetry, or maybe finish a basement, we’ve got you covered.

We are please to inform that for any further information or detail please contact our staff. Of Course we’ll clarify any issues that your mind may be engaging in. Give us a call!

Call us today for your Home renovation services and customized beautiful home make-over today!

Looking for any home renovations ideas If yes, then you’re at the right place. Simply design to completion of your project we’ve got you covered by O’Connor Contracting services. Accomplished and specialized our group of renovators can establish the detailed and attractive results which you may need.

Now we can be contacted at several outlets including (905) 782-8924. Let's begin talking details!


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